Simple Web Hosting With Built-in Auth

Think of private GitHub pages.

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3 Ways To Use PrivateHub In Your Development Life Cycle

staging environment

PrivateHub is the perfect way to stage your site during development, letting you keep your site private while enjoying the simplicity of GitHub.

team documentation

PrivateHub lets you host any team documentation stored in your GitHub repo on your private, automatically generated website. For example, you can use it in conjunction with Slate to convert markdown to HTML, and then view on PrivateHub.

Admin Interface

With PrivateHub, you can host all the files for your admin interface on GitHub, and have the interface run live on your PrivateHub website. Your admin will be completely private and inaccessible to anyone but your team.

How it works

With PrivateHub, you can get your website up and running in 3 simple steps:

  1. Push your website static files to a private repo on GitHub.
  2. Login at PrivateHub via GitHub OAuth to see the site up and running.
  3. Ask your teammates to login at PrivateHub, they will also see the site.

PrivateHub acts as a proxy, relaying your content from GitHub to you, the customer. Since nothing is persisted on PrivateHub, all updates to your content and access rights are instant. Security is guaranteed through GitHub authentication; only users who are authorized to view the repo will be able to see the published site.

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Security Highlights

SSL Encryption
We consistently score 'A+' on SSL Labs, indicating extremely secure encryption.
XSS prevention
Each repo is hosted on its own origin. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your site scripts are secure.
HTTP Headers Follow OWASP Recommendations
We follow OWASP recommendations to build another layer of protection to your content.
Secure Authentication
Your GitHub authentication token is never persisted on disk or exposed to the client. Recall it when you want.
Stateless Proxy
PrivateHub does not record or store any repository content, serving as a stateless proxy on top of GitHub API.
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